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Segmentia Export - China

We are committed to Spanish companies in their internationalization, accompanying them in the export of their Spanish brand or manufacturing products to China. For this, we demand one condition: all its products must contain high added value and optimum quality in order to be able to adapt to a growing, but more selective, demand from Chinese customers.

We put at your disposal two channels that are very strong in China: 

  1. E-COMMERCE. In 2020, more than 1,600 million euros in products were sold through the internet through the main e-Commerce platforms, since China already has more than 840 million online users. We work with the main Chinese e-Commerce, so we have a lot of experience about their needs and about their business models. 
  2. TRADITIONAL DISTRIBUTION. The wholesale distribution in China moves more than 200,000 million euros a year and the retail more than 150,000 million euros. We work with the most important players in the Chinese market and we measure consumption according to the production capacities of our Spanish clients:

We offer our clients the following Collaboration Models:

        DISTRIBUTION                                                                                                              AGENCY